FAQ's - Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control


How long will I need to keep from walking on my carpets after a professional clean?

You can walk on your carpet immediately after a clean, professional carpet cleaning only clean the fibres of the carpet, so the backing, underlay and floorboards should not get wet.

Other carpet cleaners advertise extremely low prices, but when they arrive the price always goes up. Why is this and will you do the same?

Other carpet cleaners got you with an old trick, called bait and switch. This means they suck you in with such a good price, you cannot refuse. Then when the cleaner arrives they charge you for all the extras such as extra stain removal for heavy soiling. They may also tell you your carpet needs industrial strength cleaning, extra deodorising etc... At Professional Carpet Cleaning all extras will be included in the initial price quote over the phone.

Does steam cleaning (also known as hot water extraction) damage my carpet?

No. These methods are preferred by most leading carpet manufactures. It is actually considered to be one of the best methods for cleaning.

I have been advised by others not to have my carpet cleaned because its gets rapidly dirty.

Yes this is known to happen, usually it occurs when the cleaning detergent isn't washed out of the carpet. At Professional Carpet Cleaning we avoid this issue by first prespraying your carpet.

How often should I have my carpets steam cleaned?

To ensure long life with your carpet, it is important to have your carpet cleaned regularly. Your carpet may be due for a clean if:

  • It has been 12 months since the carpets last clean.
  • The carpet is heavily soiled.
  • You allow pets on the carpet
  • The carpet is in a high traffic area (doorways, hallways, home entrance).

What stains can be removed from my carpet if I have my carpets cleaned?

Spot's are substances that have adhered to the carpet fibre, but have not yet set, these spots can be removed. A carpet cleaner will have more problems removing more permanent stains. We do carry a large range of stain removal solutions. If the stain has not yet set the carpet cleaner has a greater chance of removing the stain.

Does carpet cleaning remove my carpets stain-resist treatment?

No, usually it is not necessary to reapply stain-resist treatments after each carpet clean. It may be needed after a 2nd or 3rd clean because foot traffic can remove some stain-resist treatments.

Is it possible to clean my carpets too frequently?

No, frequent carpet cleaning helps to ensure the carpet will uphold its original appearance. It is also important to vacuum carpets weekly between professional cleans.

Are the pest control products you use safe?

Yes. When the chemicals are mixed and applied correctly, they are very safe and have an extremely low toxicity to mammals. The chemicals are strong enough to only eradicate insects.

Are your pest control products safe for children and pets?

Yes. However please ensure that all children and pets are kept away from our technician whilst applying the treatment, and kept away from the treatment areas until it is dry. This is approximately 20 minutes.

Are your pest control products safe for expectant mothers and babies?

Yes. However if you would uncomfortable about exposure to our treatments, you may want to be elsewhere during our application.

Do I have to leave the premises when you arrive?

No. However should we require to “fog” or “bomb” the premises, you will need to vacate for 1 to 2 hours, then ventilate the premises on your return.

Will all the bugs / rodents be eradicated immediately?

No. We inform our customers that it can take around 10 days for the treatment to fully take effect.

Do the pest control products smell?

Most of our products are odourless. You may however notice a slight odour depending on which products are required for each specific job.

Will you return if the bugs / rodents problem persists?

Yes. We request you allow at least 10 days from the time of the treatment. If the problem persists, we may need to increase service visits.

How long does the pest treatment last?

Most treatments last around 3 months.

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